World-class quality system

At Flux, we are committed to delivering products of superior performance and value. Our ability to maintain complete control of the product development and manufacturing processes are an integral aspect of our ongoing attempts to meet and surpass your expectations.

FLUX received its first quality certification back in 1989, since then we have been improving our certifications to ever higher levels and we are commited to continue to do so.

Today our world-class quality system is built around our ISO 9001 & AS 9100 certification, our quality system meets the most exacting standards. It has been developed using a combination of well-proven processes, a highly trained staff of operators, our very experienced engineers and our bespoke software.

FT ISO9001:2015

Our latest certifications:

FI ISO9001:2008

FI ISO14001:2015

FI OHSAS 18001:2007

FT ISO9001:2015

FT EN9100:2016


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