About us

Flux was founded in 1980 by Niels Overgaard Christensen based on his experience within high frequency magnetics.

Over time we have developed into a global company servicing the top industries, including aerospace and defence. All of our products are manufactured by skilled staff in our facilities in either Asnæs, Denmark, or Bangkok, Thailand.



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Mission and vision

Our mission is to develop and manufacture customized magnetic components that add value to our customers.


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Values and history

Founded in 1980, and with many certifications on our sleeve, we are now a global company supplying the top industries and markets.


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Corporate Social Responsibilities

We take our social responsibility seriously and works effortlessly to ensure the wellbeing of our planet, our co-workers and our future.




Flux is always looking for trained professionals and blue-collar workers who want to take part in an exciting adventure, where we shape the future of power magnetics.