Flux designs and manufactures advanced custom magnetic components and power supplies for the electronics industry. 

Our three main components cover many fields across the electronics industry, Space and Defence, and renewable energy markets, requiring precision and top-of-the-field engineering. Many of our components require manual in-hand production by our skilled and certified staff. 



Chokes are a type of coiled inductor used in electrical circuits to block (“choke”) high-frequency alternating currents and to allow direct current (DC) and alternating currents of lower frequencies to pass. Chokes manufactured by Flux are typically used in power supplies for EV Charging, eMobility systems, audio systems, and in advanced electronics for satellites, spacecraft, airplanes, and rocket boosters.




Transformers are used in power supplies that require galvanic insulation or a larger step-up/down voltage than a common buck or boost converter can deliver. We have decades of experience in designing and producing transformers of all types for power supply topology.




Briefly put, inductors are electrical components used to store energy in a magnetic field. Inductors are an integral part of all power supplies and other electrical equipment.