Standard Magnetic Components Database

Welcome to our database of standard magnetic components for the Defence and Space industry. Although Flux has a reputation as a custom-design magnetics supplier, there will always be a need for standard components manufactured in higher quantities, targeting the best pricing.

Flux has developed a range of typical standard components that are manufactured in quantity for stock-keeping as parts are picked for client programs.

Typical functions of standard components are Gate Drive Transformers, MIL-STD-1553 BUS Transformers, Current Sense Transformers, Inductors, and Chokes.

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Get access to the .stp files for all our standard magnetic components below and transfer the components you need directly into your PCB design.

As an ESA-qualified supplier, all of our components are ESCC-qualified, providing our customers with components of the highest industry standards. 

Custom-made components
Do you need a different standard component? Do not hesitate to request and we will explore the possibility of adding that component to our standard range. If your need is adopted for catalog, Flux will sponsor related non-recurrent engineering.

Gate Drive Transformers

GD Transformers are designed as low current signal transformers in four SMD sizes: EP5 1:1, ER9.5 1-2 outputs, RM4/ILP with 4 outputs and RM5/ILP with 2 outputs.

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MIL-STD-1553 BUS Transformers

BUS Transformers are available as RM5 SMD and THT with or without shield between primary and secondary.

A small incapsulated SMD platform is available as well. The SMD platform is ideal for alternative ratios.

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Current sense transformers

CS Transformer options so far cover up to ESCC-Q-ST-30-11 max. current 6.4A. Existing designs with higher current levels are being considered for the catalogue.

Request needs for higher current levels.

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Inductors are typical standard products and are represented by no less than 12 series, 3 toroid-based series with flying leads for minimal footprint and 9 different planar SMD series in various sizes and current levels.

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Chokes are represented by two toroid-based series and one encapsulated series for automated mounting and optimal protection.

Request needs for higher current levels.

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Custom-made Components

If you did not find standard magnetic components fitting your needs, we are still be able to help you.

You can request custom-made components, using our specification template by clicking the button below.

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