Our involvement with many fields over the past few decades, has developed an extensive understanding of the markets in which we operate. These are the markets and technologies of the future and where we hold our expertise.



From Defence and Space to renewable energy, we are a front-runner in the industry, providing components to the electronics that will shape the future.  


Defence and Space

We develop and manufacture high-reliability magnetic components for aerospace applications such as launchers, satellites, and Space transportation systems. Our facilities also supply components to major commercial airlines, fighter aircrafts, and naval Defence ships around the world.



Renewable Energy

As the global demand for energy and power are on the rise and the market shifts towards renewable energy sources, Flux delivers custom-made magnetics solutions for wind, solar and wave power as well as for energy storage.




Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are becoming part of the urban landscape all over the world - and a vital part of our infrastructure now and in the future. We develop and manufacture magnetic components for eMobility and for charging systems for electric vehicles.




We develop, design, and manufacture custom-made and standard-range magnetic components for all types of industrial applications – our expertise is in robotics, drive systems, and large-scale audio systems.