We always strive to ensure the highest quality process and products, when working with our customers.

From development and testing to production and quality assurance to delivery and supply management, Flux strives to be the preferred supplier, bringing growth and trouble-free solutions to our customers.


Quality assurance

At Flux, we are committed to delivering products of superior performance and value. Through the decades, we have continuously improved our quality certifications to ever-higher levels, most recently adding the ESA Certificate to our name.


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We have experienced engineers and designers with expertise in developing and producing customized magnetic components, sourcing the best raw materials, developing a manufacturing process that is simple and efficient, as well as ending up with the best possible final product.


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The production of components for the space and defense industry requires the highest standard imaginable and is therefore mostly carried out manually by skilled and certified staff in Asnæs, Denmark. All volume production for electrical components for the electronic industry takes place in the hands of our skilled staff in Bangkok, Thailand.


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Our long-standing collaboration with the aerospace and defense industry has given us an extensive understanding of qualification and verification testing, something we transfer to our approach to testing in our industrial production as well.


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Supply chain

We operate via a global network of approved vendors, ensuring high-quality materials. Our planning, manufacturing, and delivery are synchronized to customer consumption in order to minimize inventories and ensure delivery on time.


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