Our production of inductors, transformers, and chokes takes place in two locations: In Denmark and in Thailand. We have fully automated test systems in place in both production facilities.

COIL WINDING 1920x1080

Some of our production processes 


Automated coil winding


Manual core and coil assembly


Core construction


Vacuum varnishing and coating


Automated potting and resin systems




Lead wire assembly



Defence and Aerospace production in Asnaes, Denmark

The production of electrical and magnetic components for Defence and Space applications must conform to the highest standards imaginable - and the low volume/high mix nature of this type of production means that the production is mostly manual. It takes place at our main facility in Asnaes, Denmark, where skilled and AS/EN 9100 certified production staff meticulously manufacture and test every single component according to very strict standards and procedures. Testing equipment is of the highest standard in the market; indeed, much of it is bespoke and has been defined by us in collaboration with our partners and customers in the aerospace industry, private as well as national.

Industrial production in Thailand

Our IATF 16949 certified factory and warehouse facility in Bangkok, Thailand, covers an area of 2,650 square meters. This is where we place the production of all volume production of electrical components, and this is also where we carry out fast prototyping - close to our production and close to our raw material suppliers of wire, plastic casings, and other components. The production in Bangkok runs 6 days a week and is partly manual, partly based on semi-automatic taping and winding machines. In Bangkok, we also offer automatic electrical testing, co-planarity inspection, and tape/reel packing systems. 

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